Why I Am Logging Off of Facebook Forever

As of tomorrow night, I will be permanently deleting my Facebook account. I used to enjoy logging in and catching up on what my friends were up to. But over the last few months my News Feed has become increasingly clogged with uneducated political ramblings, radical conspiracy theories, Scripture passages intentionally misquoted in order to support hateful and biased viewpoints, etc. And, sadly, the biggest culprits seem to be odious bigots with an agenda masquerading as Christians; for example, those who are “speaking up for the kingdom of Jesus against the evil American govenment” — (“evil” simply meaning that a Republican isn’t currently in office).

I am a Christian, and what this means to me is living a life modeled after Christ, who I believe died for my sins, rose again, and now reigns in heaven and will welcome me there when I die. Christ was not ignorant, hateful, biased, malicious, or obnoxious when He lived among us 2,000 years ago, and he certainly wasn’t a bigot. He would never log in to Facebook and post a 500-word diatribe about “the evil Muslim Obama” or “the godless, immoral homosexuals living in sin” and then try to backpedal and offset the obviously judgmental declarations of condemnation by ending it with an unrelated Bible verse and a picture of Himself welcoming children into His open arms. And yet that’s all I see in my News Feed anymore from many of my “Christian” friends.

While it is certainly true that there are forces of evil in the world working hard to give Christians a bad name, many of my “Christian” friends on Facebook are doing the job singlehandedly every time they post another rant, reaching hundreds of friends, family members, and followers with a message of hate, exclusion, and judgment, all in the “name of Jesus.” There is no more sin in the life of a gay man, lesbian woman, Democrat, Muslim, or Hispanic immigrant than there is in any of your own lives. Just because people sin differently than you does not make them lesser than. It just makes you a naive and conceited hypocrite for thinking they are. God loves them the exact same amount as He loves you, and in the exact same way as He loves you, and His Son died for their sins at the same time that He died for yours, and no amount of pretentious grandstanding on Facebook will ever change that or make you more pious in His eyes. Ever. Did Christ condemn sin? Yes. Did he ask for your help to do it? No. He simply asks you to follow Him, model your life after His, and spead the word of salvation.

Facebook isn’t a community I want to be a part of anymore. It has become clear that I need new friends and better role models and influences in my life, ones who will bring me and others up with their words, instead of constantly dragging people down.

So, that being said, I’ll be shutin’ ‘er down tomorrow night, so you have some time to message me for other contact info if you want to stay in touch. Or you can catch me at @jdhahn80 on Twitter, where I will be more active going forward, and where agenda-fueled tirades get severed, mercifully, at 140 characters.


3 thoughts on “Why I Am Logging Off of Facebook Forever

  1. Sorry to see you go but I certainly don’t disagree with your assessment as I’ve seen much of the same. Sadly, along with the craziness from the right I have many “friends” from the other side of the aisle and I am continually shocked at the absolutely hateful comments I see directed at Christians. What I find even worse is that rarely do I see these comments condemned. Whenever I think of leaving Facebook behind I decide to stay just a little bit longer if only to offer a principled and reasoned counter to the hate I see coming from the left.

    1. I agree, the comments from the left are certainly no better than those from the right. And, as Christians, we should not be surprised by attacks on what we believe. These attacks from non-believers, however, do not bother me nearly as much as how many Christians choose to respond, by tactlessly and vengefully returning venom for venom without first considering how knee-jerk reactions will reflect on Christianity and, more importantly, on Christ. I guess I see a deep divide among Christians in our culture right now — those who believe our #1 calling is active and aggressive political involvement and rebellion (e.g., Westboro Baptist Church) and those who believe our #1 calling is to model the life of Christ to those around us…our neighbors, friends, family…to win them over for Christ. I fall into the latter camp, and believe it is the best and most Jesus-like way to make a difference (Christ was not a hothead political activist). Done right, it will trickle into politics at the local level and spread upward. But my efforts and the efforts of others in the latter camp are continually thwarted by “activist” Christians who give all Christians a bad rep. My claim, then, is that Facebook is a hotbed and breeding ground for the activist Christian camp, and it’s not something I want as a part of my life.

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